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Various Book Authors Raising & Praising Boys
NZ $23.95


Various Book Authors Raising & Praising Boys

Author: Elizabeth Hartly-Brewer

This practical, common sense guide, outlines precisely how boys react to praise and reveals why an understanding of their unique sensibilities is the key to knowing how to offer them the right sort of positive encouragement.

This book is divided into two parts; one outlining strategies for parents, the other for teachers.

Used in the right way, praise is one of the most valuable and vital tools every parent is equipped with. Praise helps children to feel loved, confident and valued, thus nurturing their self-esteem. Unfortunatly, however, most parents can be too free with their praise, or too controlling, unaware of the negative impact this can have on their children.

Her insightful, accessible tips show parents why:

*Boys need regular but small doses of positive feedback to prevent them from becoming distracted or losing focus in their work.

*Sons may value their mother's opinion less than their fathers's

*Praise and rewards can be exploited by boys and used as bargaining tools to twist situations to their advantage.

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