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Avent "Designs" Silcone Soother

Avent's vented collapsible teats and perfectly symmetrical design ensure the natural development of palate, teeth and gums - even if the soother end up upside down in your baby's mouth.

Using a soother at particular moments can help to relax your baby, whether it's before bedtime, or generally to offer a source of comfort.

For babies with a very strong need to suck beyond feeding, an orthodontic soother teat may help to ensure good oral development.

All Avent soothers offer:

- taste and odour-free silicone teats
- orthodontic teats for natural development for palate, teeth and gums
- shield ventilation holes to help prevent irritation of sensitive baby skin
- security ring handle
- snap-on protective cap to keep sterile until ready for use


Available in 2 sizes:  3-6mth & 6-18mth

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