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Baby First Breast Feeding Pillow 1-2 Babies
NZ $66.00
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Baby First Breast Feeding Pillow 1-2 Babies

The babyrest breast-feeding cushion was designed with team professional people. Dr Ian Wood Chiropractor, Lactation Consultants, Mid Wives and the design team at Dunlop Bedding New Zealand. The reason was to bring to the market the best possible cushion we could to assist every mother learning to breast feed.

These are the reasons Babyrest Feeding Cushion is the best.

• A removable pillow cover that is machine washable.
• Water resistant surface for spills.
• Firm base reduces dust mite, mildew and other allergen activities...
• Used in hospital NICU’s (newborn intensive care units)

• Designed and engineered to accommodate most body shapes
• Can be worn at different heights. 
• Firm base designed to support baby or babies while feeding

Won’t move away from you
• Hugs the body gently,
• Safety strap
• Fits sizes 8 to 22

• Ensures the support of the child and mother,
• Releasing stress from the neck, shoulder and lower back for mother,
• Supports baby posture while feeding.

• Suitable for single and twin feeding, learning to sit and tummy time
• Feeding positions Madonna or Rugby
Lumber support
• Worn on its side to support mother’s posture while single feeding.

Water and spill resistant surface
• Machine washable and water resistant fabrics ensure clean and hygienic feeding, time after time

.Roll pads,
• As an additional security to reduce, roll off

• Easy to carry and manoeuvre

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