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Ecoboo is a range of babywear made from organically grown cotton. Unlike conventionally grown cotton, sustainable farming practices have been used to produce cotton without the use of chemical pesticides, defoliants or fertilisers. These practices minimise pollution to the ground, surface water, soil and air. Once processed, organic cotton tends to be softer, more durable and therefore safer for baby to wear as it is less likely to trigger allergies or skin irritations.

This range consists of a selection of baby basics that every bub needs. Careful attention has been given to styling to ensure each design is user friendly and practical while still looking great! Ecoboo is a great gift idea or perfect for Mum’s concerned about baby’s gentle skin and irritation.

Ecoboo is a registered trademark of Bright Bots Pty. Ltd. Bright Bots babywear has been available in the Australian market place for over ten years. We have a reputation for durable, good quality baby clothing in fun designs and sell our ranges around the world.

Ecoboo All in One

Ecoboo All in One

SKU : 01013

Organic Cotton, Short Sleeved

NZ $22.50
Ecoboo Sleepsuit

Ecoboo Sleepsuit

SKU : 01014

Organic Cotton, Long Sleeved and closed in toe

NZ $33.50
Ecoboo Romper

Ecoboo Romper

SKU : 01015

Organic Cotton, Short Sleeved, Domes Down Front

NZ $28.50

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