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Gaia Natural Baby Shampoo
NZ $18.00


Gaia Natural Baby Shampoo

Gently and effectively cleanses leaving baby's hair silky soft and shiny - has the added benefit of moisturising properties.

Gaia baby shampoo is an all natural mild gel that is extremely gentle on baby's skin and eyes. Our nourishing, all natural baby shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp without stripping your baby's natural protective oils - pH neutral and low foaming.

Gaia baby shampoo has pure oils, moisturising and natural properties added to prevent a dry or flaky scalp, minimize cradle cap, and is soothing to babies with dry, sensitive skin.

Gaia baby shampoo has Certified Organic Chamomile^ and is allergy free. It brings out natural highlights leaving your baby's hair soft and shiny. Baby Shampoo by Gaia is not only suitable for newborn, babies and toddlers, but great for all the family to use.

A little goes a long way - you don't need to use a lot to get beautiful, shiny hair.

Gaia Natural Baby Shampoo is enriched with Certified Organic Sweet Orange^ to gently cleanse Certified Organic Evening Primrose Oil^ to soften and condition baby's hair Certified Organic Chamomile^ to brighten and bring out the natural highlights (^=Australian Certified Organic)

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