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Liquid Holster

“We created the Liquid Holster for one reason… we wanted everyone’s life to be easier in the same way it has changed ours!

We see the Liquid Holster as the drink holder equivalent to the microwave and dishwasher - until you have one and use it – you don’t know how you did without it!!

Carissa Gordon is a typical Kiwi mum and while walking with her new baby most days through her local park ‘One Tree Hill’, and around the Mission Bay waterfront in Auckland, New Zealand, she was getting increasingly frustrated with trying to drink while on the move. Carissa also found it difficult while she was out and about shopping at the mall as she had no where to put her Starbucks Frappe or when at the mummies movies juggling her popcorn and water.

She came up with the idea of having a drink holder that attaches to the handle bars of her baby buggy. Her innovative idea was carried forward in to the development phase by her husband Craig and business partner Kent Nixon.

As we developed the Liquid Holster we discovered more and more great uses for it that made peoples lives easier including golfers, cyclists, boaties and mobility equipment of all variances.

Carissa now walks with her friends using the Liquid Holster in comfort of knowing that she can carry an open drink without spilling it and not experience the annoyance of it rolling around in the bottom of the buggy tray or spilling in the baby bag!

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