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Baby Food Containers
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Baby Food Containers

Qubies is an upside down ice cube container specifically designed to store and freeze baby puree into convenient meal sized cubes (30ml). But don’t be fooled. It’s extremely savvy and unique in both design and concept.

What’s different?
The secret lies in the clever patented design. Instead of dividers being inside the container, Qubies has reversed the traditional design and now has the dividers on the lid!

Leave your Qubies in the tray or pop them into labeled freezer bags. That way you can mix and match your cubes as babies grows. For example chicken casserole cube plus a veggie cube, or a fruit cube with some plain yoghurt or how about mixing a veggie cube with some ricotta!

Want to know the best thing about Qubies?
It’s not just for baby food. Its uses are only limited by your imagination. Use it to freezing anything, lemon juice, tomato puree or even ice cubes!

Qubies comes in 2 fresh colours – Aqua and Lime.

How does it work? Easy!
All you do is fill, snap on the lid & freeze.
Immediately the food is divided into functional 30ml baby portions. The perfect meal size for your growing baby.
The cubes are easily released as the lid and dividers are made from non stick silicon – fantastic!

Cleaning and Care
Qubies is dishwasher safe. Use hot soapy water to clean.

Information about the new material Qubies are made of:
Qubies is BPA-free. But what does that mean for your baby?

According to the NZ magazine Oh Baby ( BPA is:

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a synthetic chemical compound which has been used as a hardener in ploycarbonate plastic products for over 50 years. BPA is an endocrine disruptor, which means that it mimics your body’s hormones and may have ngative health implications. Some research has indicated that BPA may have an effect on infant brain development and behaviour. Children may be exposed to BPA via leaching from polycarbonate plastic bottles and cups, so seek out BPA-free bottles, cups and drinking vessels (Oh Baby issue 12 Summer, page 88).

Baby Steps to using other materials

Eastman Tritan™ copolyester provides an important alternative to polycarbonate and other BPA-free polymers. The launch of Tritan™ has transformed the way the industry thinks of clear polymers because of its unique balance of properties:

BPA-free (made without bisphenol-A)
Dishwasher durability
Functional clarity
Stepping Up For YouEastman Tritan™ EX401 copolyester also is proof of the commitment Eastman is making to this important and quality-conscious market segment.

It offers the flexibility of being suitable for extrusion blow molding (EBM) and injection molding (IM).
Eastman Tritan™ EX401 copolyester empowers you to design and produce bottles, pacifiers, breast pumps and other parts with the properties that are preferred in the marketplace.

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