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Steadyco is a UK Company founded in 2003, created to provide parents with a range of practical, innovative and educational infant feeding and weaning products. All of Steadyco’s products are designed to meet the specific requirements of pre-school children everywhere making a positive difference to their social development and wellbeing.

The Steadycup was designed by Steadyco’s founder, Claire Clare, a nurse and mother of two young boys. Aware of the oral problems associated with prolonged use of spouted cups, Claire wanted to find a mouth friendly toddler-proof cup for her children. She searched supermarkets, high street stores and then the internet but was astonished to find that there was nothing available. So she designed her own!

The result was the Steadycup from Steadyco, the world’s only steady, mouth friendly cup developed especially for toddlers. Its innovative design helps infants progress confidently and easily from spouted cups to grown-up cups.

With this proven track record it was only natural that Steadyco would create a set of Table Tools for children. Built on the same unique product-design principles as the Steadycup the stylish tableware collection has been designed specifically for pre-school children.

All of Steadyco’s products are recyclable.

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