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Various Book Authors Oh Baby
NZ $38.95


Various Book Authors Oh Baby

Author: Kathy Fray

Refreshingly honest, openly frank and candidly blunt, this book has been written by a mother for other mothers. It oozes with warm fuzzies, it reeks of mumsy terms, it exudes realism in every paragraph and it is refreshing in its guiltless honesty.

Modern first-time mothers are often alone - devoid of once traditional motherhood knowledge and practical support. Often previously self-confident women find themselves inconceivably isolated, hopelessy fumbling over everday mothering tasks, enduring torturous levels of sleep deprivation, feeling desperately despondent and physiologically aching and leaking everywhere.

This book provides supportive, caring advice - one Mum to another - while at the same time serving as an encyclopaedic medical reference regarding the mother and baby. Checked thoroughly by medical professionals, this book is a unique blend, like having access to a kind and gentle GP as well as to all the gems of wisdom of years of mothers' coffee groups.

OH BABY! BIRTH, BABIES & MOTHERHOOD UNCENSORED clearly and compassionately explains the ups as well as the downs which are perfectly normal aspects of giving birth and mothering in today's society.

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