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Shrinkles Pirates
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Shrinkles Pirates

Make 33 Pirate themed shrinkles from 2 printed sheets.

Also included: 1 noodle, 2 nuts and bolts, 1 key ring, 1 badge back, 1 ball chain, 12 links, 1 key ring&hook, 1 pencil topper, 1 snapper, 1 rod, 2 stand ups, 1 finger ring, 4 sticky pads, 4 magnets, 1 brooch pin, 1 zip pull, 2 blank sheets of shrink plastic(1 white, 1 frosted)101X131mm, 12 coloured pencils.

The pictures you trace, draw or colour on the shrink plastic will SHRINK 7 times smaller, 7 times thicker. Hours of fun making badges, key fobs, fridge magnets, figurines, pencil toppers, jewellery and lots more.

Suitable for age 5+

Can also be used in card making, scrapbooking and jewellery making.

NOTE:Kids to create, ADULTS to bake in oven! Comes with detailed instructions.

Contents and colours may vary slightly.

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