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Gaia Natural Baby Powder
NZ $14.00


Gaia Natural Baby Powder

Great for calming diaper rash and reducing moisture. Freshen your baby's diaper area at change time! Our Gaia Cornstarch Powder has a new name - Natural Baby Powder and is made from talc-free cornstarch powder to absorb excess moisture in your baby's skin folds, keeping your baby drier, avoiding diaper rashes and skin irritations. Certified Organic Lavender^ to soothe and calm skin - diaper rash and irritation may benefit from Gaia Natural Baby Powder. Gaia Natural Baby Powder is allergy free, all natural and can be used for any age group including newborn, babies, toddlers and family members. We have many success stories from our customers who use Gaia Natural Baby Powder under the arms, breasts and between the legs to minimise chaffing and reduce sweating. Suggested Uses Sprinkle a small amount on your baby's skin folds, bottom and diaper area to absorb excess moisture Soothe and calm diaper rash Freshen during nappy changes Use after a bath to leave baby feeling fresh and clean. Use on other areas to absorb excess moisture (between the thighs, under breasts and under arms). This is a rather unusual use for Gaia Natural Baby Powder: When Josh, my 5 and a half year old was toilet training, he had pretty much mastered the art of the daytime toilet ritual. Josh's eczema occurs on his inner thighs and when little accidents do occur, urine used to run down his legs stinging his thighs - he used to cry in pain - this is not a pleasant experience. There tended to be a lot of moisture left on his legs after we get out of his wet clothes. I put Gaia Natural Baby Powder on his legs to absorb the excess moisture and dry out the area. I was amazed how quickly Josh stopped crying and how this prevented any further irritation on his legs - leaving me with a happy little boy!

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