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Corolle Anatomically Correct Drink & Wet Dolls
NZ $105.00



Corolle Anatomically Correct Drink & Wet Dolls

A great value doll!

These lovely dolls come wearing a tee shirt and a pair of briefs. Included with the doll is a potty, diaper, bottle and pacifier.

Of course the also have the Corolle's wonderful vanilla scent.

These dolls can drink, can go the bathroom, be bathed, and they close their eyes when they lay down to go to sleep.

Beautiful play doll, and a great potty training doll.

Playing with dolls is good for young guys, says toymaker undefined Adam Sage in Paris
Mathilde Gailly, marketing director at Corolle, said: "Today fathers
spend a lot of time taking care of their babies, so there is no reason why boys should not start with dolls.
Mrs Gailly said that boys were happy to play with baby dolls, although not with Barbie-style toys.

"They like giving bottles and changing nappies but not brushing hair and doing make-up."
"We have noticed that boys under 3 behave just like girls and place themselves in the role of the mother, giving bottles and changing nappies," said a spokeswoman for Corolle.

"After 3 they start identifying with the father, and the way they play with their dolls changes. They put them on toy trains and send them down slides." Edwige Antier, a leading child psychiatrist, said that boys who played with dolls would have no trouble establishing their sexual identity in later life. "It's not toys that influence sexual orientation," she told Le Figaro. "But a boy will not manipulate a doll in the same way as his sister." She added: "Fathers carry their babies around, why shouldn't young boys push prams?"

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