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Dream Baby Bump Belt
NZ $47.00


Dream Baby Bump Belt

The DreamBaby Bump Belt will ensure that the seat belt in the car sits low across the hips under the growing baby protecting baby should the car be involved in an accident.

It is often easy for the car seat belt to rise-up across mum's expanding tummy. Should the car be involved in an accident during this time and should the belt tighten across the unborn baby it could cause early delivery of baby or injury to the unborn child.

The DreamBaby Bump Belt consists of a cushion pad that attaches to the car seat on to which the pregnant mum sits, to the front are a pair of velcro fittings - it is these that secure the lap section of the adult in a low position across the hips away from the growing infant.

The DreamBaby Bump Belt is quick and easy to move from car to car and is easy to use for each and every journey. Extremely effective without affecting the structural integrity of the seat belt, this is definitely a cheap price to pay for the security of your unborn child.


- Prevents the seatbelt from riding up onto a ladies’ bump helping to protect unborn children in a collision.
- Is safe, simple and comfortable.
- Can be easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle.
- Does not affect the seat belts regular function.

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