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Dream with Me Tonight Vol 2
NZ $22.50


Dream with Me Tonight Vol 2

Dream With Me Tonight, Vol. 2 - A Father's Lullabies is the 2nd installment of the award-winning "Dream With Me Tonight" lullaby CD series.

We specifically created "Dream With Me Tonight, Vol. 2 - A Father's Lullabies" to model a man being tender, loving, and expressing his emotions.

This is so important for boys, men, and entire families to hear!

The songs are all-original and have won 7 children's music awards. Why so many honors? Possibly because of the Sandman Records motto: "DON'T DRIVE PARENTS CRAZY!"

"A Father's Lullabies" is the perfect gift for Dad. The CD will help him bond with your Little One AND sends the great message that it's OK to express feelings and say "I love you."

If you, like a lot of music shoppers, have been operating under the assumption that once you've bought one lullaby collection you've bought them all, now is the time to shed your preconceived notions. Dream With Me Tonight Vol. 2: A Father's Lullabies covers all the lullaby basics--in other words, it will reliably cart your kids off to the sandman--but it goes a step further.

Lanny Sherwin, a dad with an earnest streak to rival Fred Rogers', not only wrote uniformly cuddly lyrics and music for this volume, he also crafted a message that reaches adult listeners, impressively, with a lower-case "m."

The idea, an under-explored one in the genre, is that dads can be tender too; thus Sherwin, via the Richard Marx-like voice of Gene Miller, manages to pull off a song called "My Monkey is Missing" without making a gag out of the trauma of a lost toy or planting his tongue in his cheek. May he strike a chord with fellow bedside-sitting fathers everywhere.

Tammy La Gorce Original songs, beautiful melodies, meaningful lyrics, and the fabulous voice of Gene Miller (as heard in "The Lion King II"). Second in the award-winning "Dream With Me Tonight" lullaby series (also see "Dream With Me Tonight - Lullabies For All Ages").

"A Father's Lullabies" has 5 children's music awards: Parents' Choice, NAPPA, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, iParenting Media Award,and was voted "BEST TODDLER'S CD".

The CD sends an strong, positive message to families about the importance of men being tender, loving, and expressing their emotions.

Recommended by Parenting magazine, School Library Journal, Pregnancy magazine, Playthings magazine, American Library Assn Booklist, and LA Times.

1. The Key Of Love

2. Frog Dreams

3. My Monkey Is Missing

4. Love SOmeone

5. Rainbow In My Heart

6. Rock, Rattle & Roll

7. Scale Of 10

8. You Me & The Moon

9. From Yawn 'Till Dawn

10. Sandman Shuffle

11. Dream With Me Tonight

12. Love Someone

13. Rainbow In My Heart

14. You & Me & The Moon

15. From Yawn' Till Dawn

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