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Mije Baby Head Rest
NZ $49.95


Mije Baby Head Rest

Made from shape memory foam with a soft cotton cover, the Baby-Head-Rest is the ideal shape to gently cradle baby’s head and reduces the risk of Plagiocephaly forming in babies 0-4 months.

Plagiocephaly, or flat-head syndrome, occurs in newborns and young babies when the back or sides of the head become flat or mis-shapen due to prolonged pressure from flat surfaces like cot mattresses on the skull while baby is asleep, or on their back.

Made from shape memory foam with a soft cotton cover, the Baby-Head-Rest has been developed in Australia to provide gentle support for baby’s head and natural head movements, while reducing the risk of a flat spot forming in babies 0-4 months of age.

Furthermore, if it a flat spot is noticed within the first few weeks of birth, using the Baby-Head-Rest may stop it from worsening and could result in correction.

Do not immerse Baby-Head-Rest in water as this hardens the shape-memory foam.  Cover can be hand spot cleaned only.  Baby-Head-Rest can be placed in a pillowcase to be kept clean.
Product dimensions 24 x 21 x 3 cm

For more information on Plagiocephaly or how to use the Baby-Head-Rest refer to

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